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Finally, a Collaboration Platform That Moves You Forward

Make Sales Day & Night

More than 40 million Americans move each year. Make it easier for them to find you at 2:00AM or 2:00PM with instant, online booking. We'll send you booked jobs, not low-quality leads that consume more overhead. 

Expand Your Online Presence

National marketing and advertising support. Benefit from Moovd’s extensive sales and marketing efforts.

Control Your Rates & Availability

Build your online presence. Create a Mover Profile including pictures, links to your website, and user reviews from across the web.

Reduce Management Time

Customer service and sales management. We’ll take care of customer service, billing, sustainable moving supplies, and more so you can focus on what you do best – providing professional moving services.

Maximize Your Earnings

Find, bid on, and win moving jobs – 24/7, with no phone calls required. Keep your calendar full by using automated bidding.

Optimising Team Work 

Sign up and book moves in just minutes. Use your phone or desktop to easily find work and manage documents.

Join the Most Efficient Digital Moving Network

Moovd provides an effective and joyful way to plan, compare prices, and book a move online.



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Moovd is a comparative pricing and booking website for moving-related services. We offer consumers the ability to plan, compare prices, and book a move online.


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